In Brasov you can eat all kind of food, starting with Romanian restaurants and finishing with Chinese food. We have made a list of the best restaurants ( we say ) close to us.

1. Best ROMANIAN food – Casa Tudor – 5 mins walk

Romanian food based restaurants are the most common ones. One of the restaurants is Casa Tudor. It is situated not far from our place and it has good food.

2. Best TURKISH food – Sultan Mehmet – 5 mins walk

Sultan Mehmet is the restaurant where we go out. It has very good food, but, cooking time is slow (30-40 mins) because they cook everything fresh. Same as the one before, it is situated very close to our guesthouse.

3. Best ITALIAN food – Pizzeria Nona – 15 mins walk

Pizzeria Nona is one of the family friendliest restaurants in Brasov. It has medium prices and the pizza, pasta and lasagna are great! Unfortunately walking time is 15 minutes, but it is worth the time!

4. Best FAST food – Andos

Andos is a restaurant where people eat a lot. It has shaorma, kebab, pizza, burgers, everything! If you want to eat fast, this place is a good option. It is situated quite close to our place.