TOWN SQUARE (Piata Sfatului)

  • First annual international fairs started in 1364. In 1520 the square turned in what it looks now.
  • Used for public executions. In 1688, Stefan Stener was decapitated for not accepting the Austrian governing.
  • City Hall (central building) was built in 1420. Now it is a museum. It was never a church as many would think.

BLACK CHURCH (Biserica Neagra)

  • Built in 1542 (building time 159 years).
  • The biggest bell in Romania and one of the biggest in Europe – 6300 kg.
  • Church is black because it was burned in the big fire in 1689.

REPUBLIC STREET (Strada Republicii)

  • Lots of restaurants, bars and night life is here.

ROPE STREET (Strada Sforii)

  • It is only 1.35 m wide.
  • It is the third narrowest street in Europe.