1. Festival 39

It is a restaurant that everybody needs to visit. Some people may say it is even magical. For going there it is good to have a reservation because it is usually crowded. It is situated on the Republicii street.

2. La Ceaun

It is a typical Romanian restaurant. The food is usually made in a big pot and the prices are really good. The building is not very big but it is a very cozy place. This is a must check out restaurant.

3. Terroirs Boutique du Vin

Terroirs Boutique du Vin is the place where you can taste a huge variety of Romanian wines, next to a good meal. It has also wine from other countries, as well as different types of alcohol (cognac, etc). It is recommended to have a reservation.

4. Trattoria Pocol

If you want to feel like in Rome, eating a pizza in town square this is your place to go to. The prices are moderate but the food is simply brilliant!

Let us know about your favorite place!

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